Why PoultryOS?

  • All poultry operations covered in one application.
  • Ready to use from day one with breed wise master data
  • User based pricing module with 20 different roles.

PoultryOS is set of integrated modules


Use from anywhere

PoultryOS has all features available in Web as well as Mobile Application. It has user level based access control to enable


Every stake holder covered

PoultryOS not only has access for supervisors and managers but also has roles and access defined for farmers, customers, vendors and even for veterinary doctors. Better input data gives better control


Notifications and alerts

PoultryOS sends out alerts and notifications to respective users and allows managers to identify possible issues before it happens. Few examples of notifications are high first week mortality, low FCR, varying temperatures in hatchers and setters etc.


IoT enabled Poultry ERP

We do device integrations with weigh scales, setter, hatchers to give complete visibility and temper proof field transactions.