Key features in Breeder module on PoultryOS

Manage Chicks Procurement

Manage purchase of male / female chicks and brooding process start.

Brooding Daily Transaction

Manage daily transactions for brooding, capture all parameters like feed, water, medicine, vaccine consumption

Analyze Flock Performance

SAP gives you flock performance report which has in depth analysis based on cost incurred and eggs collected. Create standard charts and compare flock performance against same

Egg Bifurcation

Manage egg inventory as per category like commercial eggs, cracked eggs, leak etc.

Manage Breeder Life Cycle

Manage breeder stages like, brooding, growing, pre laying, laying etc so you understand where your flock is right now.

Feed and Material Request

Manage inventory requests with costs using SAP inventory transfer requests. This gives exact value and quantity of feed consumption and inventory movement.

Manage Egg Collection

Start capturing egg collection data and generate collection reports and flock performance reports.

Manage Eggs Sale

Capture and analyze commercial eggs, cracked eggs. This process works as input for complete profitability of the flock

Birds Sales and Delivery

Manages complete chicks sale process. Allows you to plan your sales based on chicks production planning from hatchery.

Cost Amortization

We use fair value method for doing cost amortization for birds expenses and egg production with forecasting, this can include direct and indirect expenses

Shed Transfer and Batch

System allows us to transfer / merge the flocks in one shed and calculate the merged shed performance accordingly. In this complex process both source and destination sheds and phase is considered.