Key features in Breeder module on PoultryOS

Manage Processing Stages

System facilitates management of various stages of processing like slaughter, harvesting

Manage Live Bird Movement

System Manages live bird movement from different sources to processing plant and captures inventory related transactions to capture losses etc

Quality Management

Chicken rejection at every stage can be monitored and inventory movements are booked accordingly

Production Cost Definition Engine

Since this is a birds to by product process we can define cost and weight ratios to calculate performance

Production Cost Calculation

Accurately calculates production cost considering the ratios and other direct and indirect cost, like electricity, laboretc

Approval & Control Process

Add approvals and workflows in the system for excellent authorization and process control. This is completely configurable as per company rules

Single Point Data Entry

Enter any data only once and it will be used across all modules and calculations

Production Planning Wizard

Since production is done for stock and for orders, system helps to plan the production based on actual and forecasted demand, this is a major step from ERP

Wastage and Shrinkage Calculation

System has defined stages and material movement flows, this allows system to track and validate wastages and shrinkages against standard vs actual

Sales and Dispatch Tracking

Once the production process is complete and product is ready, SAP modules for sales and delivery kicks in and entire further process is carried out

Dashboards and Analysis

Daily snapshot dashboards which gives you clear idea about your how your branches and farmers are performing.

Farm To Table Tracking

You can track from where birds was taken and to whom the product was sold, system keep strong track of each product and raw material by means of batches and its corresponding flows